Loxley Traditional Archers 

We moved to Burnie Tasmania from Adelaide in 2004 and after reaching our goal of restoring our local club back up to the successful club it once was (with the blessing from one of the founding members Bruce McCaskill) decided to follow our passion of Medieval/Traditional Archery and so it all began.

Loxley Archers was formed in May 2012 and became a club in its own right in August 2012. We are a Traditional Archery Club and teach Longbow, Horsebow and Barebow Recurve. Our regular shooting targets consist of popinjays (birds up on a pole), spinning and rolling targets, wands, targets with knockout sections, running deers etc.

Our Aim is to promote traditional archery generally at community events in order to reach a wide range of people and introduce them to the wonderful sport of archery.