Re-joining after expiry of previous membership.

If the individual renewing member pays their fees less than 3 months from the existing expiry date, all fees shall be backdated to their annual anniversary date.

If an individual member re-joins 3 months or greater after their previous anniversary date the membership being financial from 12 months from date of re-joining, the new joining date will become my future anniversary date, like a new membership. 

I have read and agree to the above information. 

Declaration by Applicant


I certify that the information given by me is correct and hereby make application for membership of the Club, and Traditional Archery Australia Inc. I agree to be bound by, and to conduct myself in accordance with, the respective constitution, by-laws, rules, policies and procedures of the Club, and Traditional Archery Australia Inc.

I hereby declare that I am not aware of any health issues or disabilities, that could endanger the safety of myself or other members of the Club, and TAA Inc, or if I do have such issues I will notify the Secretary in writing before engaging in any archery related activity.

I hereby consent to the collection and use of my personal images, results, awards, and prizes received. I acknowledge these may be used by the Club or TAA Inc. for websites, newsletters, and publications for the promotion of the sport.

Your privacy is our priority. All personal information you have provided will help us process your application to become a member. TAA and Club may use your information to communicate with you and to inform you of activities and events and may also give your information to a government body in response to a lawful request.  I consent to this.

I have read and agree to the above information. 

Membership Conditions

I confirm that the information given by me is correct and I: 

* agree to be bound to, and abide by, the Constitution of Loxley Traditional Archers and the Club Access and Safety Policy of Loxley Traditional Archers and to comply with any other Rules, Regulations and Policies of Loxley Traditional Archers.

* agree to comply with the Rules, Regulations and Policies of Traditional Archery Australia Inc.

* Always agree to endeavour to positively promote the spirit of the sport ; and

* acknowledge the information provided will be used and retained by Loxley Traditional Archers and TAA and will not be provided to third parties for commercial purposes. 

I have read and agree to the above information. 

Refund Policy

In the event of my membership being denied by the Club I understand that there may be a twenty (20) percent administration charge deducted from any monies paid by me.

I have read and agree to the above information. 



Longbow, Horse bow, Barebow Recurve.

No compound bows are allowed.

  • A bow may be Longbow, Horse Bow or Barebow Recurve, provided it subscribes to the accepted principle and meaning of the word ‘bow’ as used in target archery; i.e. an instrument consisting of a handle (grip), riser and two flexible limbs each ending in a tip with a string nock.
  • Takedown Recurve bows to have a wooden handle (grip) riser.
  • No metal (grips) risers.
  • No modern spring/flipper rests.
  • No Plunger buttons are allowed.
  • The use of simple rests is allowed such as a simple one-piece plastic or non-adjustable rest, the use of the shelf in a cut out window is also allowed.
  • No stabilisers, clickers, or modern string release devices are allowed.
  • No sight or marks on the bow that help aiming are allowed. Any marks,blemishes or laminations that can be used to help with aiming are not permitted    
  • Face or string walking is not permitted.
  • A ground marker is not permitted. 


Wood or Aluminium.

Fletching shall consist of feathers only.

Finger Position

Arrows may be shot using either the Mediterranean release (one finger above and two fingers below the arrow) or three fingers below the arrow (within 2 mm). Face or string walking is not permitted.

 Finger & Hand Protection

Finger protection in the form of finger stalls or tips, glove, or shooting tab or tape (plaster) to draw, hold back and release the string is permitted.

I have read and agree to the above information 


I understand as a Veteran Division competitor I am eligible to compete in the Veteran Age Division, but I am also eligible to enter and compete in the Open and Masters divisions. 

I am eligible to claim Veteran, Master and Open division records when shooting in the appropriate event.

I agree it is my responsibility to apply for all record claims and awards.