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All Members Note :  100% complience is essential for the Season to continue.

issued 14/05/20

Scrapers are now to be used on the course.

Wednesday Scroungers commences this wed 20th May - 2pm.  The Wed 18 hole comp will continue - players can elect to play in both competitions.  Those playing the 18 hole comp (and those playing both comps) will tee off as usual between 12 noon and 12.30 .... Players wanting to play in the scroungers comp - tee off from 2pm.

date issued 20/04/20

Northam Golf Club Season 2020

COVID/19 Conditions of Play

  1. Only 1 person per cart and all players observing 1.5m social distancing at all times.. 
  2. Tee Times to be a minimum of 10 minutes apart, players are to arrive no earlier than 10mins before your tee off time. If earlier, no congregating in groups more than 10
  3. PLEASE NOTE* For the KINGS CUP we will be trialling a method with the flags that some Perth clubs have adopted. Foam will be put onto the bottom of the flag about ½” from the top of the cup. This so the ball doesn’t go into the bottom of the cup. THE FLAG STICK CANNOT BE TOUCHED OR REMOVED FROM THE HOLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
  4. Scrapers: Only 1 scraper between each group. Only 1 person, wearing a glove to use scraper. Only one scrape from the hole back to the ball (to prevent cups filling with sand. Scrapers to be left at entrance of the Captains room after use, they can be cleaned for next game.
  5. You must mark your own cards, verify scores are correct at the end of the game and you are the only player to sign the card.Cards will be left in the foyer for you to collect No need to login to Comp. Once game is completed, leave cards in box at Captains room. Results will be posted on Northam Country Club Website under the Golf tab and Facebook page. Handicaps can also be accessed via website
  6. We have advised all our Sponsors that we are not proceeding with this year’s fixtures. We will be playing for Bar Vouchers or golf balls, which can be redeemed at a later date.
  7. Green Fees will remain at $10.00 for now. This is subject to change as we move forward. Players must pay by EFTPOS if possible, if not, correct change only to avoid unnecessary handling of cash.
  8.  Socializing only permitted in groups of 10 or less - but still observing the 1.5 social distancing rule
  9. Social Golf may be played at any time under these same conditions of play. Only exception to competition rules other than that organised by the Match Committee.NO SCRAPERS TO BE USED. No other competitions to be organized.
  10. Please note, we would like nothing better than to relax these conditions and we will, in full cooperation with the Government and Golf W.A Rules.
  11. Please enjoy what we have at the moment. Any enquiries, please call me , on 0407486907.
  12. These conditions are subject to change on a regular basis and we will keep members informed.


Bob Allert, aka Captain Grumpy.

17/06/20 - rules in red now recinded or amended