OUR ground is leased from Wyong Council who intern leases it from the Department of Education.  This means that OUR Club is totally responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep.  The maintenance and upkeep of the ground is carried out by our groundsman who voluntarily spends at least 18 hours a week, mowing, reparing, marking the lines, reparing the divots, picking up the rubbish, seeding and weeding.  We are extremely fortunate to have total control of our ground and can use it when we like and also hire it out. 




Training Protocols

* Please use floodplain for grid work as much as possible whilst we have " Daylight Saving"and dry.

* Scrum machine to remain in the south west corner and not used in the southern "Off field grid"

* Line Out training to be conducted off field. Markings will be provided in the southern off field grid.

* Grassed area adjacent to the southern end of the carpark is now being mowed regularly and is usable.

* "Home" teams warmup in southern off field area. "Away" teams use the grassed area marked out adjacent to the carpark on the flood plain.

* Please try to save the "Playing Enclosure" where possible, by not doing repetative footwork drills  in the same spot...... "keep moving around"

PLease try to avoid the NW corner 15 metre channel

Please ensure that gear in the halway container is "packed & stacked" and not left on the floor blocking access for other users.

 * Use "club code" to access rugby gear container and activate ground lighting switches.

Ground Management/Update

Over the  "off season"  the ground has been sprayed for broad weed control in early October if required,  top dresssed where required to cover bare/worn/depressed areas, oversowed with kyku seed if required in some areas and then  fertilsed.

Over seeding with rye grass is done late March with forcast rain so that we have a good coverage through the cooler months when the host grass becomes dorment and to provide coverage throught to November when the Kyku startes to sporn again.

The ground is fully fertilsed in April to get us through the next 6 months which willl hopefully make the coverage lusher and a darker green in colour.

In preparation for 2019, top dressing has been spread over  the two "OFF Field" grids (60 x 35) which will now provide a further two warm up areas in conjunction with the southern grid. New water taps wil lbe situated in the south east corner and another in the south west corner. This means we will have access to 5 five water taps (blue) around the field.  The tree has been cut down in the SE corner which now allows better lighting coverage and the sun through to help dry up that area.

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