Junior Tennis Practice

Thursday night training sessions (4.15 to 5.15pm) will be run primarily with the focus of improving match play and tactical skills. Each session will also have a certain focus which will alternate each week to allow the players to focus on learning different abilities that are often not taught in a general session. For example this will include doubles tactics such as positioning, crossing/covering and serve-volleying for some weeks while other sessions may focus on certain rally pattern or specific shot placement etc. Our coaches are easily approachable if there are certain areas a child is struggling in during match days and they are encouraged to ask for advice during the training sessions on these areas. We have coaches out at the club on Saturdays observing matches so often we identify certain areas for improvement as well.

While the Thursday training sessions are important to simulate match play and improve tactical areas, we still encourage players looking primarily for technical development to enrol in one of our other programs that we offer. These include group coaching sessions which are held on Monday nights and private lessons which can be done at a time of your choosing which any of our coaches. Costs vary for the group sessions from $110-$130 for the term based on which group (we can discuss this further if you are interested) and include 8 weekly lessons. Private lessons are $25/30min and $45/hour.

For further information about coaching please contact Nicholas Bradley