Make it EASY for your members to pay​

  • Flat fee of 4.675% + GST (includes Visa & MasterCard fees).
  • No establishment fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Set your own prices and let your members pay online
  • Includes automatic reconciliation against each member's record

​​​​​​​Bank to bank. Direct debit. Debit card. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard).


  • Online Member Manager
  • PCI Compliant Security
  • One-click export to Excel

Sport$pay - online payments made easy

When people register online or renew their membership, they can pay online and the transaction is automatically recorded in your online member database with Sporty.

Sports organisations and schools across Australia use Sport$pay to avoid paper forms and cash/cheque handling. Treasurers no longer need to spend hours matching payments from a bank statement and payments are recorded for you automatically. For a printable brochure Click Here

What you need to know

The only charge for using Sport$pay is a flat rate of 4.675% + GST of the transaction value. There are no setup fees, no monthly merchant fees, no flagfall fees, no Gateway fees and Visa/MasterCard fees are included. If your total annual transaction value exceeds $100k, a discounted transaction fee can be applied.

Payments that people make to you are processed every week from Monday through to Sunday and are then automatically paid directly to your nominated bank account each following Wednesday, minus the fee. A detailed transaction summary is emailed to you.

Sporty has partnered with Debitsuccess to facilitate these online payments. Neither Sportsground nor anyone else other than Debitsuccess ever has access to the payments made to you. Debitsuccess is a PCI DSS Compliant provider of billing services. If you already pay your home power bill by direct debit, you may already use Debitsuccess. To learn more about Debitsuccess, you can watch a short video, or visit the Debitsuccess website.

If someone elects to use Sport$pay to pay you online by direct debit, under Australian law the payment is processed the next business day. This means there is the possibility that someone could enter their bank account number to pay by direct debit when they have insufficient funds. In such instances the amount will appear as ‘paid’ in your online database and you may be unaware that funds have not been received until you get your cleared payment report each Wednesday. Therefore, if you are delivering expensive products, it is recommended that you wait until payment has cleared before releasing the goods.

If someone elects to use Sport$pay to pay you online by direct debit but they have insufficient funds in their account, it is treated in a similar way to someone writing you a cheque with insufficient funds (ie their cheque would bounce). Their own bank may decide to charge them a dishonour fee. If their once-off direct debt payment fails due to insufficient funds, you will need to contact the person directly to organise payment in another way, or ask them to follow the payment link in the automated confirmation email they received when they registered, to make payment once they have sufficient funds available.

For more info, view the FAQs here

To get started, complete the Debitsuccess application form here. You are normally approved and set up within two business days