​​​​​​​How do I find my free site?

Use our search tools to find your website by club/school/organisation name, or browse by region. Once you know your sites address eg: sporty.com.au/yourclubname , you can go directly to this page in future.

How do I login to my free site?

Click on the “Admin Login” icon at the bottom right corner of your page.  You will be prompted to enter your username and password.  If you have not been sent your username and password in an email to your email account, click "Register Here" to register yourself as an authorised user.

I can’t find my free site

If you have browsed your region and searched by name, and you still can’t find your free site, we are sorry that we missed you! To fix this, just click on the link at the bottom of the search page: “Can’t see your organisation? Click here to add it”.  Simply follow the prompts to create your page.

We already have a website OR Our National Sports Organisation (NSO) or State Education Department provides a website for clubs involved in our sport. Can we still use Sporty?

Yes, in a number of ways. Firstly, it is generally accepted that if you want people to know about your organisation, you should list your contact details in as many places on the internet as possible. This should include Sporty. Also, although some NSOs do provide websites, some are not easy to use and most do not offer the functionality that comes with a site from Sporty - such as the sub-sites for individual teams and mobile optimisation.  With over half of your members accessing your website from their mobile or touch screen, this is important to connect with all of your community.It is acknowledged that some NSOs have invested heavily in developing their own websites and want clubs to contribute towards their central costs. However, we are unable to deny clubs the right to use the Sporty service if they wish to do so. In any event, clubs do not need to choose one site over the other - they can benefit from both. For example, a club can use the desirable features of a Sporty site and link to them from an existing site or vice versa. Clubs are encouraged to support their NSO as much as possible. 

Can we keep our existing website but still use the sub-sites?

Yes. Simply create a hyperlink from your own website to your Sporty team sites.

We already have our own web address (domain name). Can we use it?

Yes. By default, all Sporty websites reside on the Sporty "domain".  For example, your default web address will be sporty.com.au/yourclubname

You may already own your own domain name (www address) through a web services provider, and wish to use this for your Sporty site.  We can help set this up for you – just contact us.

We want to change the URL you have provided for us (eg sporty.com.au/yourclubname)

Once you have logged into your site, simply navigate to the dashboard and select "Admin Settings".  You will see a field named "Easy Web Address".  Simply change this to your preferred choice eg sporty.com.au/wecallourclubthis and then select "Save". Provided your choice is not already in use by another organisation, your URL has now been changed.

We'd like to use the service but don't have time to create our site. Could you add the content for us?

Yes, we have a professional graphic design team that can create a customised site for you. We will work with you to deliver a page that meets your needs, and from then on you can simply login and make future changes if you wish. To talk to someone about this service, please contact us.

Will my site show on Google and other search engines?

Google and other search engines have automated processes that constantly crawl the internet to find new and changed websites to include in their search results. It may take a number of weeks before your site is found. It is generally agreed that one of the most important things you can do to improve your rankings with Google and other search engines is to list your web address on other people's websites. This is because Google uses a 'trust' system that improves the ranking of your site based upon the number of other sites that have links to your site. We recommend you take some time to get your site listed in as many online directories and other websites as possible.You might also want to look at using metadata to improve google search results. Click here to learn how to do this.

How can I get support or technical help?

We have a comprehensive Online support centre available to you – simply click here. If you are unable to find the help you need; you are welcome to call the technical support Helpdesk on 1902 287 780 between 7am – 3.30pm (AEST) on weekdays. Please note that Helpdesk calls cost $1.95 + GST per minute to contribute towards the cost of providing the service. Please ensure you have permission from the telephone account holder before making your call. This service is provided by Sportsground Ltd.

Is there training available?

Yes, clients that subscribe to our premium services usually receive a one-on-one training session through live webinar.  We provide training workshops on an annual basis for our free users based on need – if you were interested in a training session, drop us an email and we will let you know when we will be in your area.

I am interested in the other services Sporty and Schoolground offers - how do I contact Sporty & Schoolground?

Get in touch with our friendly team now - click here.

Who owns my website?

The servers and software used to host and manager your website are owned by Sportsground Ltd. The content of your website is owned by you.

How is this service free?

Our mission has always been, and always will be, to support the growth of grassroots sport.  We do this by offering non-intrusive advertising on your page, and give you the option to upgrade to a page without ads for a small fee.  You will notice at the bottom of all of our free sites and apps, small ads delivered by Google Adsense.  You can remove these ads to deliver an ad-free site and app, by upgrading to one of our subscription services.  Check out our pricing page here. 

We understand how important sponsors are to clubs, and even free sites can use their provided widget space to promote thier sponsors.  Upgrading to a paid site provides you much greater flexiblity about how your page is designed, which allows you even more opportunity to spotlight on your club sponsors.

Our sport club isn't found in the area we compete in.

If your clubs membership base covers multiple areas, or if you compete in multiple competitions, you might want to be found in these areas too when a member is completing a search for sports clubs by region.  You can easily change which region/s you are located in on the search map.  Simply login, navigate to the dashboard, and select Admin settings.  Here you will be able to select multiple areas by holding down the "CTRL" button.