Q. What happens when someone completes a web form on our website and pays online?

A. Everyone who completes an online form will automatically receive an email confirmation that includes all details of the form. Their record is added to your online member database. Everyone who pays online when they register will automatically also receive a transaction receipt that records the details of the payment they submitted.

Q. What are the advantages of Sport$pay over PayPal and other systems?

A. Sport$pay allows people to pay even if they don’t have a credit card by paying bank-to-bank with direct debit. Also, funds are transferred to your bank account automatically without you needing to initiate remittance.

Q. Can we receive payments through other methods?

A. Yes. Online payments through Sport$pay are optional. If you want people to also be able to pay via cash, cheque or directly into your bank account you can still do this. You can even use Online Registrations from Sportsground and manually record these payments against your online member database if you wish.

Q. Can we elect to accept credit cards only, not both credit card and direct debit?

A. Yes. When adding online payment products to your form you can tick the checkbox to accept credit cards only.

Q. How do we start letting people pay online using Sport$pay?

Complete the Debitsuccess application form here. You'll be set up within two business days.Once approved, your website with Sportsground will be activated for you.  You can then use the Form Builder to add ‘products’ to any web input form.  For more detailed instructions, see the Sport$pay User Guide

Q. Is there a minimum transaction value?

A. Yes, the total transaction value must be $10 or greater to be processed by Sport$pay.

Q. When do we receive the money?

A. Payments that people make to you are processed by Debitsuccess every week up until midnight Thursday for direct debit, and 6am Monday for credit card. The funds are then automatically paid directly to your bank account each following Wednesday, minus the transaction fee.

Q. What reporting is available?

A. Each instance of payment is recorded automatically against the person in your online member database. You can also login to the Debitsuccess admin dashboard to view details of a transaction. A detailed transaction summary is automatically emailed to you each Wednesday that includes payments made within the last transaction week.

Q. What happens if someone elects to pay by direct debit but there are insufficient funds in their bank account?

A. The payer's bank will treat this the same as if the person bounced a cheque and are likely to charge the person a dishonour fee. We will NOT attempt to retry to process the transaction. The failure will appear on your weekly payout report. Note that in such instances the amount will appear as ‘paid’ in your online database and you may be unaware that funds have not been received until you get your cleared payment report each Wednesday. Therefore, if you are delivering expensive products, it is recommended that you wait until payment has cleared before releasing the goods.

Q. Is there a User Guide?

A. Yes, Click Here.

​​​​​​​Q. Is there a printable brochure?

A. Yes, Click Here.