Domain FAQs

We already have our own web address (domain name). Can we use it?

Yes. By default, all Sporty websites reside on the Sporty "domain".  For example, your default web address will be

You may already own your own domain name (www address) through a web services provider, and wish to use this for your Sporty site.  We can help set this up for you – just contact us.

Why would I want to purchase a domain?

Your domain name is your address on the internet.  To make your organisation easier to find for your members, you might like to purchase a domain name to replace the domain provided by Sporty.

Why should I purchase a domain through Sporty Domains?

You have the freedom to purchase a domain through any registered domain reseller or registrar.  If you do not have any experience with setting DNS records (redirecting people to your purchased domain), purchasing a domain through Sporty Domains will make it easy for our support team to modify your domain records for you, should you choose to purchase this service.

How can I check to see if a domain is available?

You can complete a WHOIS lookup here.

Are there any other guidelines I need to be aware of?

As per Australian legislation, there are some guidlelines for purchasing a domain licence:  
1.     You can only licence a domain for a period of two years (no longer or shorter periods)
2.     You must be able to prove a "close and substantial connection" to the URL you choose.  Eg: If your org name is Wild Cats Sports Club, you may not purchase "" 

Do you host email accounts if I purchase a domain name through Sporty Domains? eg

We recommend using a provider such as Gmail or Office 365 to host email addresses that show your domain name. These providers offer a cost-effective and simple email hosting solution. Sporty does not support email hosting, but can update your MX records on your domain to allow you to receive email from your domain.